Lateral Audio Stands LAS-4 Integral Stand

Lateral Audio Stands LAS-4 Integral Stand

from 850.00

The LAS-4 Integral equipment stand from Lateral Audio Stands features high performance audio surfaces directly mounted with an adjustable energy absorbing connection. The LAS-4 Integral exhibits a natural, fluid and coherent soundstage with greater depth with more space around performers. The addition of a Concert audio platform further increases the performance possibilities of your system.

The 4 and 5 tier LAS-4 Integral employ an upper framework which further isolates the upper components.




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Lateral Audio stands are an audio enthusiast company and always have the aim of designing high performance audio stands which provide musical involvement and coherence at their price points.

The vibrational behaviour of an audio stand affects the sound and musicality of your audio system. The stand becomes a significant component at the centre of your audio system, affecting all components placed upon it.

A Lateral Audio stand is designed to minimise the vibrational energy which enters and is created by the structure of itself, and it is also designed to maximise the removal of vibrational energy to a direct energy absorbing ground path, reducing the vibration entering the audio components.

Source and amplification components are particularly sensitive to vibration as mechanisms, capacitors and transformers show considerable gains when isolated. Imagine a complete system where vibration then enters into power and signal cable connections which are ultimately degraded by the sound.

The aim of a Lateral Audio stand is that lower cost audio components will perform to a high level when positioned onto a LAS-4 Integral, and mid to high end components will achieve even higher performance and musicality when positioned onto a LAS-4 Concert.

If your journey begins with the LAS-4 Integral and you enjoy its musical benefits, you then have the option to upgrade to the LAS-4 Concert. Maintaining your original investment and having the ability to upgrade on your musical journey is a very important principle to ourselves.


  • Solid oak and oak veneer, anodised aluminium, and composite components which offer low resonant properties.

  • Direct point contacts with direct energy absorbing paths, composite materials further isolate which increases the audio quality.

  • The structure of the LAS-4 Concert and LAS-4 Integral are very substantial and can safely hold heavy components such as turntables and large amplification.

  • The 4 and 5 tier LAS-4 Integral employ an upper framework which further isolates the upper 2 source components.



  • 3 tier: 540mm x 645mm x 495mm

  • 4 tier: 850mm x 645mm x 495mm

  • 5 tier: 980mm x 645mm x 495mm

Surface Size (W x D)

  • 540mm x 440mm

Shelf Spacings

  • 3 tier: 195mm, 195mm

  • 4 tier: 195mm, 195mm, 285mm

  • 5 tier: 195mm, 105mm, 195mm, 285mm

Spacings are reduced by 45mm when upgraded to Concert

Recommended Maximum Loads

  • Bottom tier: 50kg

  • Upper tiers: 30kg

Available Extra Cost Options (please enquire)

  • Custom shelf spacings

  • Extra wide 680mm surface

  • Solid aluminium legs