Kii CONTROL System Controller

Kii CONTROL System Controller

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The Kii CONTROL is a user interface for your Kii THREE speakers and works like a digital preamplifier. It provides additional digital inputs and gives you full control over the Kii THREE’s operating parameters, including volume and input selection.

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Product Details

Communication between the Kii CONTROL and the speakers is handled via the KiiLink (RJ45) connection.The Kii CONTROL reproduces all of the control options from the back panel of the Kii THREE speaker and also adds a few new features...

  • Coax, optical and asynchronous USB inputs
  • Volume
  • Mute / Dim 
  • Boundary EQ 
  • Contour / Tone
  • Latency
  • XLR Input Settings
  • 0dB Reference 
  • Polarity
  • Master Channel
  • Auto Standby On / Off
  • Limiter Indicator
  • Power LED brightness
  • Fully programmable presets with a direct access button
  • Built-in infrared receiver compatible with RC-5 and Apple Remote protocols

Please see our blog for an example of how to connect up the Kii THREE and Kii CONTROL to your existing analogue and digital sources.