Exposure MM Phono Board

Exposure MM Phono Board


Plug-in moving magnet phono board to fit the Exposure 3010S2D integrated amplifier, 3010S2D preamplifier and 5010 preamplifier.




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Product Details

  • All discrete transistor audio stages

  • High quality parts used throughout

  • Tight tolerance parts used for accurate equalisation

  • Low noise power supply regulators

  • DC coupled input stage

Can be fitted to :

  • 3010 Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2 Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2 Preamplifier
  • 3010S2D Integrated Amplifier
  • 3010S2D Preamplifier
  • 5010 Preamplifier


  • Sensitivity : 5mV (gain 1 links open) or 2.5mV with gain 1 links fitted
  • Input Loading : 47K ohms in parallel with 100pF capacitance (loading links open) or 320pF with loading links fitted
  • Frequency Response : +/- 0.25dB ref 1KHz   30Hz to 20KHz.  With IEC roll off thereafter