Dutch & Dutch 8m Active Speakers

Dutch & Dutch 8m Active Speakers

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The Studio 8m active speaker from Dutch & Dutch features highly optimised baffle geometry to ensure perfectly neutral sound, a wide sweet spot and phenomenal imaging. It includes the same great connectivity and integration options as the flagship 8c monitor, but with a more conventional driver layout and ported cabinet.

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Product Details

The 8m's cabinet is handcrafted of stiff, strong birch plywood. In combination with extensive and cleverly placed bracing, this reduces vibrations to a minimum. The large, symmetrical bass reflex port ensures optimal woofer loading and turbulence-free performance at all sound pressure levels.

The 8m is more than just a speaker. It can be a central part of a multi-sub setup too. On its own, the 8m is capable of providing useful output down to well below 40 Hz. If that is not enough, subwoofers can easily be added: each 8m has a DSP-controlled output that can turn any active subwoofer into a Clerk-powered low frequency element. Its configurable output has crossover, filtering and other DSP options, all of which can be adjusted from your smartphone or tablet. 



  • Low: 8” Aluminium Cone
  • High: 1” Aluminium / Magnesium Alloy Dome


  • 1,500 Hz, 8th Order, Phase Coherent

Enclosure Type

  • Bass Reflex

Max Linear SPL @ 1M

  • 106 DB continuous from 35 HZ upwards*

Amplifier Power

  • Low: 245 W
  • High: 100 W

Amplifier Type

  • Class D, Power Factor Correction, Hybrid Cooling

System SNR

  • >118 DB

Mains Input Voltage

  • 100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 HZ


  • 482mm x 270mm x 380mm / 19" x 10.5" x 15" (H x W x D)
  • 16 kg / 35 lbs

Cabinet Construction

  • Enclosure: 18mm birch plywood
  • Outer baffle: Injection moulded ABS

Analogue Input

  • Balanced audio over XLR
  • Sensitivity switch: +4dBu / -10 dBV
  • Peak input level: +24 dBu (+4 dBu setting)

Analogue Output

  • DSP controlled output for active subwoofer

Digital Input

  • AES3 over XLR
  • Left / Right / Mono channel switch

Digital Output

  • AES3 loop through over XLR


  • Wired Ethernet over RJ45

Protection Functions

  • Thermal
  • DC / clipping
  • Driver overload

* In half space radiation conditions