DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4

DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4


Speaker-room interaction is typically the most important performance-limiting factor of any high-end audio system. Every listening space introduces errors that can be in the magnitude of a dozen decibels or even more. These errors are most pronounced at the bass and lower midrange regions, where the classic acoustic treatment loses its effectiveness.

Anti-Mode X4 is DSPeaker's newest loudspeaker and subwoofer optimisation system capable of perfecting the acoustic performance of any full range stereo audio system. It is based on DSPeaker's new Anti-Mode 3 algorithm which refines the popular Anti-Mode algorithm even further. Anti-Mode X4 can be connected to almost every audio system.

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    Product Details

    DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 is a reference class DAC and a versatile preamplifier with room correction. You can select black or silver front panels for your unit. The package contains with all necessary parts to perform a room calibration.

    • DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 unit
    • Microphone stand (with carry bag)
    • Measurement microphone
    • Remote control
    • Power cable
    • Quick-Start Guide




    • 2 x Stereo RCA inputs, Stereo XLR input
    • 2 x independent analogue outputs, both XLR and RCA
    • 3 x Coaxial and 3 x Toslink S/PDIF digital inputs
    • Coaxial and Toslink S/PDIF digital outputs
    • USB Audio
    • Headphone output and microphone input

    Digital Specifications

    DSP Cores

    • 1 x VS1205 (GUI & Firmware update USB)
    • 6 x VS1205 (Audio Inputs, processing)
    • 3 x Hi-Quality DAC (pre-selected), 3 x Hi-Quality ADC

    DSP Firmware

    • Anti-Mode 3.0 Multi-Rate (FIR & IIR)
    • House Curve, Linear-Phase Tilt, Parametric EQs
    • Adjustable Infrasonic
    • Adjustable cross-over

    Analogue Specifications (typical)

    • Analogue Output Dynamic Range: 126dB, THD: < 0.0008%
    • Analogue Input SNR+THD: 104dB
    • Volume Control Steps: 0.5dB
    • Input Sensitivity XLR: 2.6/5.2/12.4 Vrms, RCA: 2.5/4.4/6.2 Vrms
    • Output Voltage Unbalanced RCA: 3.2/6.4 Vrms max
    • Output Voltage Balanced XLR: 6.4/14.0 Vrms max


    • 436mm x 70mm x 295mm