Auralic Summer Promotion

Auralic has just announced a new summer promotion with some really exciting offers.

Purchase the Auralic Aries streamer or Altair streaming DAC to receive a complimentary six month subscription to TIDAL HiFi or Qobuz Sublime, or a twelve month subscription to Roon, worth approximately £120.

Purchase the Auralic Polaris all-in-one system to receive a complimentary twelve month subscription to Qobuz Sublime Plus or twelve month subscriptions to both TIDAL HiFi and Roon, worth approximately £350.

In addition, the Vega DAC, Taurus Mk 2 headphone amplifier and Merak mono power amplifiers are available at a 25% discount during the promotion period.

You can download the flyer here. For product details, specifications and reviews, please visit our Auralic product pages. Alternatively, you can call 0161 917 0642, email or contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.