The Ear reviews the Auralic Altair

The Auralic Altair has just been award 'Best Buy' by The Ear. The Altair is an integrated streamer, DAC, headphone amp and (optionally) preamplifier. Reviewer Jason Kennedy writes...

" ... I also used this with an Eclipse speaker system (TD510Mk2/TD520SW) and had a ball of a time thanks to the speaker’s remarkable speed and musicality. So timing is up there with the better digital options. I didn’t have time to try the various filter settings that usually make a difference on the timing front, so it’s possible it had more to give in that crucial respect.

I also used the Altair in a less critical set up just to explore new music and found it consistently enjoyable, which is a good result for a fussy bugger like me! The balance of build, features and accessibility makes the Altair a great streamer, it sounds considerably more engaging than a PC and a DAC and offers a control App that is among the best around. In truth it’s hard to see what’s not to like."

You can read the full review here. Learn more about the Auralic Altair here.