Kii Awarded Stereophile Component of the Year


Kii Audio wins the coveted "Overall Component of the Year" award from Stereophile USA. As Kal Rubinson wrote when he reviewed Kii Three and Control in the September 2017 edition of Stereophile...

"Almost everything about Kii Audio's Three loudspeaker is a refreshing splash of cool water. That's especially true if one defines refreshing—and splash and cool—as meaning 'different'. And my oh my, is this year's winner ever different. The three-way, six-driver Kii Three is distinct from most other loudspeakers - and all previous Products of the Year, as far as I know - in as much as it is self-amplified and preamplified, DSP-controlled, and German."

You can read the announcement from Stereophile here and read the full review here. To learn more about the Kii Three and Kii Control, please take a look at our Kii Audio page.