The Ear reviews the Auralic Polaris

HiFi website The Ear has just awarded the Auralic Polaris its coveted Best Buy award. Author Jason Kennedy writes...

"The Auralic Polaris is better than you might imagine given its compact nature, it’s a slow burn product, it doesn’t try and impress with a flashy but ultimately tiring presentation but gets on with letting an awful lot of music through in a style that is remarkably refined. I found it to be a particularly good integrated amplifier and got excellent results with a number of sources, not least vinyl where its ability to expose the fine details of reverb around voices and acoustic instruments made it very easy to enjoy.

 In fact I put in the notes that I should take Polaris to the Indulgence Show because it was sounding so good with the Rega P6/Ania/Microgroove analogue front end. 

So don’t imagine that its size means this do it all box cannot match the best in its price range, in many important respects it betters them, and as EF Schumacher wrote, small is beautiful. Combine this with the elegance of the Lightning control App and you have a streamer, DAC and amp for all seasons."

You can read the full review here. For more reviews, product details and specifications, please have a look at our Auralic Polaris product page.