Kii THREE and Kii CONTROL Wiring Example

We are often asked how best to integrate existing analogue and digital equipment with the Kii THREE active speakers. One of the most frequently asked questions is "how do I connect my turntable?"

Each Kii THREE speaker has a versatile XLR input which can be switched between analogue and digital modes. They can easily be connected to a conventional analogue preamplifier or a digital source with volume control.

The Kii CONTROL accessory provides additional USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, and also provides a high quality volume control. The volume control provided by the the Kii CONTROL is actually a fly-by-wire control for the digital signal processors inside the Kii THREE speakers. One benefit of this approach is that also provides volume control for a line level analogue source connected to the XLR sockets on the Kii THREE speakers. 

In the example shown below, the Kii CONTROL is connected to the designated "master" speaker via KiiLink, using ordinary Cat5 cable. The master speaker is then connected to the second speaker via KiiLink. Digital sources are connected to the inputs on the Kii CONTROL. The analogue outputs from a conventional phono stage are connected to the inputs on each speaker, with the inputs set to analogue mode. This removes the need for an analogue preamplifier and separate DAC, and optimises the signal path for both digital and analogue sources.

The Kii THREE and Kii CONTROL with both analogue and digital sources

The Kii THREE and Kii CONTROL with both analogue and digital sources

Lee Bevan