News from Kii Audio

I woke up this morning to find news from Kii Audio in my inbox. They have added a new standard finish option for the Kii THREE speaker. It is called Graphite Satin Metallic. It joins the existing Gloss White and Studio Grey standard finishes.

Kii THREE in Graphite Satin Metallic standard finish

Kii THREE in Graphite Satin Metallic standard finish

Kii Audio thoughtfully included a photo of the upcoming Kii CONTROL accessory. It has a black anodised aluminium finish to match the panels on the Kii THREE speakers.

Kii CONTROL accessory

Kii CONTROL accessory

The Kii CONTROL reproduces all of the control options from the back panel of the Kii THREE and adds a few new features...

  • Volume
  • Mute / Dim 
  • Boundary EQ 
  • Contour / Tone
  • Latency
  • XLR Input Settings
  • 0dB Reference 
  • Polarity
  • Master Channel
  • Auto Standby On / Off
  • Limiter Indicator
  • Power LED brightness
  • Fully programmable presets with a direct access button
  • Built-in infrared receiver compatible with RC-5 and Apple Remote protocols

It also adds a USB input and optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs. Bluetooth will be added at some stage via a firmware update. The necessary hardware will be included from launch. We expect to receive the first production units in January. The Kii CONTROL will be priced at £1,050 at launch and is available to pre-order now.

The price of the Kii THREE stands has been reduced from £1,150 to £895 now that production has been ramped up.

We also came across another review of the Kii THREE today, this time in the January issue of AudioXpress. Here is a quote...

"When you listen to a pair of Kii Threes, there’s just the music. All the details that are in the recording are there, in full glory, and unforgiving. If the recording engineer moves a slider on his console, you hear it. If the singer steps a bit back from the microphone for added effect, you hear it. This speaker is not so much a reproducer as an acoustic window into the recording studio!"

The January issue of AudioXpress is available to buy online here. Visit our Kii Audio page to learn more about the Kii Three and accessories.

Lee Bevan