The tiny but mighty Neat Iota ALPHA

If you are looking for a small speaker with a big sound, you owe to yourself to audition the Neat Iota ALPHA. This miniature 18" tall floor-stander has a tiny footprint, but it offers a huge, expansive, room-filling sound. In addition to the 50mm EMIT planar magnetic tweeter and 10cm mid/bass driver on the angled top/front edge, there is 13.5cm downwards firing bass driver hidden in the base.

I first heard a pair at the Bristol show in February. At first I had real difficulty connecting what I was hearing with the little knee high speakers in front of me. I was convinced that Bob Surgeoner (the designer) had hidden a pair of much bigger speakers behind the curtain at the back of the room. We have had a pair here for a few months now. I am happy to report that they continue to be deeply enjoyable. We heartily recommend giving them a listen.

neat iota alpha 1.jpg
neat iota alpha 2.jpg
neat iota alpha 4.jpg