Exposure MCX

We have been spending some time with the Exposure MCX system this week. The MCX is Exposure's flagship range. It comprises a combination CD player and DAC, a preamplifier and dual monoblock power amplifiers. The whole system is connected with balanced interconnects for the best possible noise rejection. The components cleverly stack together without the need for a traditional hifi rack. Each component has a pillar at each corner, with feet at the bottom and an indentation at the top. The components are extremely well put together. The monoblock amps weigh in at 40kg a piece and the cover on the CD player slides back like the roof of a missile silo. Even the remote control looks like it was built for the military. It looks great but it sounds even better. Most of our listening has been with Neat SX7i floor-standers and Neat XLS stand-mount speakers. This is definitely one of those products that has us rummaging through the record collection, and grinning from ear to ear in the process.

Lee Bevan