The remarkable Kii THREE is now available at Strictly Stereo. This innovative fully active stand-mount speaker employs a total of six drivers, six channels of amplification and six channels of digital to analogue conversion. All of this is controlled with some unique digital signal processing to deliver a speaker like no other. Conventional speakers radiate sound in all directions, especially at lower frequencies. In rooms without suitable acoustic treatments, this can lead to problems such as standing waves and early reflections. The extra drivers on each side and the rear of the Kii THREE, under the control of the speaker's digital signal processor, are used to cancel out much of this unwanted sound, to create a beam of sound directed at the listening position. The digital signal processor also ensures that each driver is perfectly time aligned.

The Kii THREE is available to order today. They come in white or black as standard, but they can also be ordered in absolutely any custom colour in matt, satin or gloss finish. Book an appointment to hear them for yourself. Kii Audio also has a complimentary Kii Control add-on in the pipeline. The Kii Control adds USB, optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs and source selection and volume controls.

Lee Bevan